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Our Robesonia - December 2016

Our Robesonia - December 2016

I believe great things are ahead for all Americans led by a Trump Presidency and the hope of change so many of us have been praying for.  We will proudly say Merry Christmas to everyone without criticism.  We should soon be seeing more money in our pockets and a better healthcare system.  I have been so at peace and happy to know my parents, children, my grandchild, family and frien... View Full Article... (Click Here)

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Signing OffLocal InfoVickie Correll
Robesonia Library NewsLocal Info
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Robesonia in Photos - Page 3HistoryVickie Correll
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Water Water WaterFor Your HealthVickie Correll
Our Robesonia - December 2016Cover StoriesVickie Correll
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